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  • [Volidiacasi : казино 777 бесплатно
  • Alex Woodrow : Clathor is sorry for misusing the Chat Box. Clathor will go now.
  • Alex Woodrow : I am CLATHOR the Magnificent.
  • Bryant Z. Lo : I am a DO class of 2018 student. I am curious if it possible to buy access to last years (DO17) notepool sets so as to avoid waiting for notepool sets to be posted. Thanks for your help
  • [steroide un : schnelles muskelwachstum
  • Trent : Mark, I'm not sure if your issue has been addressed, but be sure to contact one of your web masters. I believe Joey Sterner is one.
  • Mark Patters : Hi I am a member of the DO 2016 class and was hoping to access some lectures from my first two years. I subscribed for the first two years, but my account seems to have been deactivated. How do I gain access to these lectures?
  • Stephanie Oe : Just a heads up that there must have been a problem with uploading the 44 and 42 Pharm Lectures.
  • Brian Reidy : DO/DPM 2018: (continued from below) have been keeping all of the note sets we have completed on the Drive for this account («email») and have now added all note pool subscribers to those who can access them. We used your emu email that you provided to use when signing up for note pool to send you the share link, but you will need to sign in with a google account to access them. If you don't have a google account, they are free so you can make one to use. The trial runs we tes
  • Brian Reidy : DO/DPM 2018: The website that "runs" has been having some technical issues that we have been unable to solve so far. Since there is an Anatomy test on Friday, OMM Practical on Monday, and Clinical Medicine test on Wednesday, we have had to come up with a temporary solution to be able to provide you with the note sets. Until you hear otherwise, this will be the main way we get new note sets to you. At the beginning of the year, we decided to make a Google account for note pool as a b

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