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  • Kiel Morris : No worries! It's quite common. I'm sorry I couldn't enlighten beyond that.
  • ommfaculty : Sorry, spelled your name wrong. Kiel.
  • ommfaculty : That's what I thought too kyle, then they said they were going to stop doing OMM I and return to doing OMM II. So I am confused.
  • Kiel Morris : I am not affiliated with Notepool beyond my subscription, but it is my understanding that transcription of OMM II stopped around lecture 19 or 20.
  • ommfaculty : Could anyone tell me if there are going to be anymore DO 17 postings? It seems to be getting switched back and forth as to what is being done and what isn't
  • Kiel Morris : Greetings, Clathor! I am Lord Kyphos, aspiring practitioner of the manual arts. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  • ommfaculty : Hi. I am trying to get the OMM 17 notepool. There is nothing posted past 19. Could someone please let me know what is going on?
  • Alex Woodrow : Hello Mr. Pamn, I am Clathor the magnificent.
  • ommfaculty : I do not see any postings on the DO 17. Could someone please clear this up?
  • ommfaculty : Hi, I just wanted to remind you, DO 18 has not been updated since 1 - 21. Could the notes please get posted soon? Thanks!

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