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  • Rabia Zahid : I'm so sorry for the late response. We will be posting the notepool lectures that the class of 2017 took for OMM last year. It has not been posted yet. Our webmaster just informed me that he figured out the best way to do it and will be uploading those lectures shortly.
  • ommfaculty : I do not see any postings on the DO 17. Could someone please clear this up?
  • ommfaculty : Hi Rabia, who is posting the DO17, because they also told me they would not post them any longer?
  • Rabia Zahid : We will no longer be posting lectures for OMM. DO17 lectures for OMM will be posted instead.
  • ommfaculty : Hi, I just wanted to remind you, DO 18 has not been updated since 1 - 21. Could the notes please get posted soon? Thanks!
  • [Volidiacasi : казино 777 бесплатно
  • Alex Woodrow : Clathor is sorry for misusing the Chat Box. Clathor will go now.
  • Alex Woodrow : I am CLATHOR the Magnificent.
  • Bryant Z. Lo : I am a DO class of 2018 student. I am curious if it possible to buy access to last years (DO17) notepool sets so as to avoid waiting for notepool sets to be posted. Thanks for your help
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