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  • Zachary Pree : It seems like there are only three courses that have notes. Is biochemistry or history of medicine getting recorded?
  • Katy Serebry : You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you Notepool!!!
  • Brian Reidy : Hello ommfaculty, you should now be activated for the DO 18 class. If you have any further access issues feel free to contact me, Cade Call or Christian Ryser.
  • Katy Serebry : Is there supposed to be a DO'17 CR #4? Or Pharm #08? Just want to make sure I didn't miss them :)
  • ommfaculty : Hi, I am a faculty and we need to make sure our membership is up to date. Who is in charge of that? I cannot access DO 18
  • Zuzana Harri : Trent: I was able to contact someone from my class who fixed it. Thanks!
  • Trent : Zuzana what year are you?
  • Zuzana Harri : Who should I contact if I lost access even though I paid for membership?
  • ommfaculty : Could someone please load 4 & 5 lecture for OMM II? Thanks!
  • Nick (Mikala : @ommfaculty - I was late writing it up. It is ready for upload now.

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