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  • Adrianna Jan : 2nd year 2017 is up its under downloads at the very end of the list.
  • ommfaculty : Can someone please get DO 17 2nd year up and running? It would be appreciated
  • Adrianna Jan : PMN L02 is missing for DO 2017, L03 is up twice
  • Jessica Hoey : Thanks Adam! It's been relocated back to ENT.
  • Adam Michali : ENT L 09 was placed under Clinical Reasoning FYI
  • Thuy Nguyen : Hey guys, since there is apparently ongoing changes being made in the Rheum lectures - we're not changing how the notesets ALREADY published are named... Dr. Ronkar's pre - recorded lecture: Rheum_Lx14_Osteoporosis matches the recording now named Rheum_11a_Update_in_Osteoporosis Dr. Mett's pre - recorded lecture: Rheum_Lx17_Rheumatic_Diseases_in_Children matches the recording now named Rheum_10a Dr. Carnevale's pre - recorded lecture: Rheum_L14c_Pathology_of_Bone matches the recording now named Rheum_
  • ommfaculty : Could someone please post the Thoracic Inlet I? Thanks
  • Thuy Nguyen : Due to the way the lectures were falling in Rheum, we've renamed Rheum R03 Connective Tissue as L02d and Rheum R00 Lab Testing as L02c. They now match the lecture videos named by IT
  • Thuy Nguyen : IT re - numbered the Rheum recordings on Screencast and Camtasia recordings. The two notesets already uploaded will not be renamed. Rheum_R03_Connective_Tissue_Disease corresponds to the recording 02d. Rheum_R00_Lab_Testing_in_Arthritis corresponds to recording 02c. Future notesets will continue with the numbering set by IT, which matches our syllabus.
  • ommfaculty : Cervical Spine II needs to be downloaded whenver it is convenient.

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