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Intex above ground pool pumps and filters

Accessories / April 23, 2021

intex pool pumpA lot of times you can purchase your new Intex above ground swimming pool as a set with the pump already included, however, that is not always case. Sometimes you might need to purchase separately and, unfortunately, we’ve learned that it is often necessary to upgrade your Intex pool pump because the pool pumps included in the set are not always sufficient for the size of the pool. Purchasing a new pool pump for your above ground pool can seem overwhelming, but we’ve gone ahead and narrowed down the choices for you, leaving you with the best rated Intex pool pumps. As long as you buy the right size pump to fit your pool needs, you can’t go wrong with an Intex Pool Pump.

Best Intex Pool Pumps

One thing that seems to be an on-going issue with is that the filter pump that comes with the pool never seems to be large enough. This makes it difficult to keep your pool clean. Do you really want to spend your time cleaning your pool or do you want to enjoy it?! Many reviewers suggest upgrading your Intex pool pump to a system that is more suitable for the size of your pool. The Intex 2500 Gallon Filter Pump AC is the perfect size and recommended for the Intex 18-ft Easy Set, Intex 18-ft Metal Frame and 18-ft Oval Frame pools. This Intex pool pump is super user-friendly and makes pool maintenance a breeze – simply remove and replace the old cartridge with a new one every two weeks.salt water system This double insulated pump is equipped with an air release valve to release any air that gets trapped inside the filter chamber, as well as a sediment flush valve at the bottom.


Many people are steering away from the unnecessary chemicals these days and opting for a saltwater system. The Intex 120-volt Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System is a great replacement to your traditional Intex pool pump and the perfect addition to keep your pool clean and chemical free. No more powerful chlorine smells that will leave your hair looking green and you can keep your pool sparkling blue all year long. Not only does it allow for less pool maintenance from you, but it will actually save you money by not having to purchase various chemicals.


Are you tired of buying new cartridges and changing them out every few weeks? Consider switching to the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump. This 6 function control filter enables you to be able to filter, backwash, rinse, recalculate, drain and close the system. Additionally, it includes a pressure gauge and a 24-hour automatic timer with a safety-shut off – one less thing you have to worry about! The skimmer basket is designed for easy cleaning and prolongs the life of the sand. The Sand Filter Pump requires an initial 55 lbs of sand and should last from 5-10 years. The sand is to be purchased separately. The ergonomic handle allows for a more comfortable operation.