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Accessories / July 27, 2020

1920 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 449-2955

This is my local Leslie's and they have excellent customer service. They are honest and very patient when I call with any concerns. I really appreciate the help I got from David. He helped me figure out the best solution to my problem, rather than try to sell me something from the store, which I was about to buy after speaking to another guy fr another Leslie's store. I would def come back and recommend to others.

Disappointed again by Pasadena Leslie's pool supply. I have been multiple times for my summer above-ground pool needs. Last summer I ended up driving to La Cañada all summer after dealing with a couple rude salespeople. This year we upgraded to a much larger above ground summer pool. I also did a bunch of online research and upgraded to a better sand filter and added a saltwater system. I went to Leslie's a couple of weeks ago to buy my salt and a float, a lady who was there before helped me. She is fast, and seems a tad brisk, but mostly to get to the next customer. She was helpful and professional. Because of her I came back today. Today, a very tall man with glasses greeted us nicely and ran a water check for me. (My pool levels are off and I'm not sure how to adjust it for saltwater.) He was lovely and helpful. When I asked him about pool vacuums, because I intended to buy one today, he deferred to another guy working there, (shortish guy with dark-short hair and fair skin, looks like he drinks too much Red Bull). This guy tells me in a rush that the vacuum I'm considering won't work for me. I explain the research I've done and ask for an alternate suggestion. He tells me nothing works for my type of pool and a vacuum won't help with fine sediment anyway because my filter "is crap". I explained that I don't use the crap-filter that comes with these pools- but had upgraded to a decent sand-filter (w/ good reviews that this store was selling just 3 weeks ago BTW). HE then tells me those filters are crap too. Wow. Ok. -I disagree politely and then ask if there's nothing that can be done for my pool-bottom then? He says no. I suggest I maybe buy the vacuum the pool company makes and sells. He says no that won't work either. He tells me to call the manufacturer (who I am pretty sure would try and sell me their own vacuum). So... yeah. Too bad one rude apple has to spoil the whole bunch. I'll be heading to La Cañada again soon. and really am just grateful for Amazon.

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I've been here a few times over the last few years with questions or issues with my swim spa, and the manager Gio is so amazingly helpful and knowledgable! They've repaired one of my pumps and helped me get my chemical levels balanced, all very professional. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pool/spa needs!

A pool supply company is only as good as their employees in terms of knowledge, expertise and professionalism because any store can sell pool supplies. Unfortunately the female employee at the Colorado store in Pasadena has a terrible personality and attitude. In addition, twice she tried to sell me more than I needed which is terrible service and I don't trust her. I just go out of my way to drive to another location. I don't mind spending the gas money.

Stay away from this store!! The sales associate ( older male with gray hair) was so rude!!! I'll take my money elsewhere.

I have been going to this location for 10 years and found the current employees to be the best ever. And no, I am not a family member or friend of these employees or the owner of this store. And no - I do not have a pool company cleaning my pool. I do everything! The help you get from Gio is knowledgable and he is so patient. I really like that they keep my past information in the computer for reference. And Gio remembers who I am when I come in - - even without the computer. Lesile Pool is expensive. That is the only reason I didn't get 5 stars. I will keep going to this store because Gio and the other people behind the counter are fabulous.

I was looking for some swimming goggles, and this Leslie's was one of the closest stores which had them. I was able to easily find the available products they sell on their website.. and when I went to the store (a sunday at 12:30pm), the employee there (Gio) was very nice and helped me settle on the best one for me. He didn't try to push the most expensive one, but rather the best one based on what i wanted (seals well against my eyebrows, adjustable..) Thanks for the great shopping experience !

Really helpful staff that took the time (over a span of 3 weeks) to help me get back my sparkling blue pool from the hellish algae-green monster that it became due to my stupidity and neglect.