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Slides For Above-ground pools

Accessories / February 22, 2021

A pool slide must be designed for above-ground pool to safely use with it.A pool slide must be designed for above-ground pool to safely use with it.

Not all slides are created equally - a slide designed for a backyard playground is not meant to pair with a swimming pool, even if the slide is water-resistant. Likewise, slides designed specifically for in-ground pools are not necessarily safe for above-ground pools. The type of slide you can use with your above-ground pool depends upon the deck or surroundings around the pool and the available space; using any other type of slide may pose a safety risk.

Compliance with Safety Standards

All pool slides, whether for in-ground or above-ground use, must meet standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Look for a seal or wording on the literature indicating the slide does meet these standards. Slides that have been tested by an independent agency should have documentation attesting to this fact; ask the retailer if unsure. Skip any slide that does not bear proof of compliance with safety codes, as they may not be entirely safe.

Above-Ground-Specific Slides

A good deal of available pool slides are designed for in-ground pools, as they can be permanently mounted in cement. One type of slide designed for use with an above-ground pool is made specifically for mounting to a sturdy wood deck. Consult the owner's manual to determine how the slide installs and whether your deck meets the requirements needed to bear the load of a slide safely; extra mounting hardware may be required if it is not included with the pool purchase. Some deck-mounted slides, as well as other varieties, have a built-in streaming water feature to help prevent users from sticking to the slide.

Source: homeguides.sfgate.com