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Water slides For Above-ground pools

Accessories / September 25, 2020

Finding the Best Pool SlidesThe right pool slide can complete any swimming pool setup. It will add a touch of fun that people of all ages can enjoy. For many reasons, it is important that you get only the best pool slides. This guide will help you get the best slide for your swimming pool.

Why get a pool slide?

Many people consider the slide as one of the most basic swimming pool accessories. It can stand out on its own or it can complement other swimming pool goodies such as a pool basketball goal or a pool volleyball net. I’ve never seen anyone who loves swimming pools who doesn’t like a good water slide on the side.

Water slides can be found in different shapes and sizes. They provide a wide range of thrills for swimmers. A basic and plain slide is more than good enough for most. There are bigger and wilder slides to choose from for those looking for something more extreme. Regardless of how you envision your dream pool, there is a slide that can match your vision.

Requirements for installing a pool slide

For the safety of everyone who will use the swimming pool, there are some requirements that must be followed when installing a water slide. The first thing you must check is if the local codes will allow you to build a pool slide. If they allow the setting up of slides, you need to check the laws regarding this, and you should follow them to the book.

One other requirement you should look at is the area the slide will occupy. This the amount of space needed to properly install the slide. In general, the bigger the slide, the larger the area it needs. You should check the space that the slide needs. Compare it to the amount of space in your poolside to find out if it’s the right slide for you.

The water supply is another important aspect of installing a pool slide. Water is needed to lubricate the slide, so this is an important factor in the process. There are 2 common ways to get around this. You can install a water system connected to the pool that will push the water from the pool into the slide. On the other hand, the system used to fill up the pool can be sent into the slide.

What do you need to look for in a pool slide?

When in the market for a pool slide, you should consider the people who will use it. If you want the slides to be used only by children, then you can install slides that are designed for kids. However, if you expect full-sized adults to use the slide, you should get something that caters to adults. Aside from having enough width to fit an adult, the slide must have at least 200 to 300 pounds of weight capacity.

Guide to Buying the Best Pool SlideYou should also check out the pool stairs. The pool ladder is an important part of any slide. It can greatly affect its safety level. Getting a slide with an enclosed stairway is a better option for slides that will be used by children. Also, you must make sure that the steps have enough traction even when wet. Slipping on ladders is one of the most common causes of slide-related injuries. Thus, it must be given enough attention.

Lastly, you should consider what slide makers refer to as the “water safety envelope”. The envelope includes the required depth of the water at the end of the slide. This usually ranges from 3.5 to 5 feet. The amount of overhang needed from the edge of the pool, and the amount of clearance the slide needs relative to the pool are also important. Each slide has its own unique water safety envelope, and it should work within the dimensions of your slide.

How it is delivered and installed

It would be great for you if the seller would deliver the slide after the purchase. After all, there are lots of running parts in a slide kit. It can be tricky to carry everything from the store to your home. Most sellers offer free shipping to your house, so that’s a major relief on your part.

Most of the slides you can find on the market can be built DIY-style. Given this, you would want to get a slide that can be properly built even by beginners. The instructions should be explained in a simple yet detailed manner to avoid construction accidents. It would also be helpful if the set up requires only a few tools and equipment. You should also consider any potential changes you must make both to your pool and the poolside area.

SR Smith Pool Slide

The SR Smith Pool Slide is specially designed for pools with limited free space. It has a roto-molded design that makes it equally attractive, safe, and durable. While it doesn’t have enough length, it offers enough curves and dips that can provide a thrilling experience for pool-goers. It can be used for both freshwater and saltwater pools. It is likewise compliant with CPSC standards. The slide comes in both left and right curve variants. It also comes in many different colors

  • Various colors and curve variants provide many options
  • Works on a small footprint; ideal for pools with limited space
  • Enclosed ladder and handrails for extreme climbing safety
  • Long and bendy slide for improved thrills
  • Comes with its own high-volume water delivery system
  • Multiple color options provide many ways to match the looks of your pool
  • Can be used by both kids and adults
  • CPSC compliant for superior safety and toughness
  • Roto-molded construction provides maximum strength
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty for superior buyer confidence
  • It is a more expensive option than most
  • Must be anchored well on the ground for safety reasons

Inter-Fab Wild Ride Slide

Offered in both left and right turn variants, the slide from Inter-Fab will bring excitement to all swimming pools. More than 6 feet tall and 11 feet long, this slide has enough height and space to create maximum thrills for both the young and young at heart. It is constructed to meet the latest safety standards, so everyone can have fun safely.

  • Fully enclosed stairs and grip-around handrails for safe climbing
  • Zoom Flume water delivery system
  • Offered in both left and right turn kits
  • Comes with full instructions manual and a complete video on how to install at Inter-Fab’s website
  • Usable by both adults and children
  • Its length is impressive for a DIY water slide
  • Great packaging and quick set up
  • The stairs have loads of safety features
  • You would need the help of an electrician to safely set up the water pump
  • You’ll need at least 2 people to get this slide installed