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Accessories / November 12, 2018

pool basketball hoop poolside goal floating inflatable lifetime dunnrite amazon walmart targetSummer is here, and everyone is headed to the nearest body of water! If you don’t have a pool, surely you have a neighborhood or friend that does. You can’t enjoy your float though, unless the energetic kids are having fun too. After a rousing game of family four square or a wakeboard session, they need a fun way to cool off. We recommend a pool basketball hoop for hours of fun! Here are some of our favorite options.

Floating Basketball Goal- Stumptown Sportz Super Hoop

Stumptown Sportz takes water basketball to a new level with their jumbo inflatable basketball hoop! The Super Hoop measures 40 inches across and 44 inches tall when all three chambers are fully inflated. Kids love a floating hoop that doesn’t fold up or tip over every shot. This pool basketball hoop offers superior buoyancy with its wide base. It also comes with small balls for smaller children who couldn’t reach a pool hoop.
The set comes with two small balls, a ball pump, and an electric pump for the air chambers. Obviously assembly consists of just inflating the set and you’re good to go! The size of the Stumptown Sportz Super Hoop really sets it apart from other floating basketball goals, which are usually 30 inches or less in diameter. The Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy stands slightly taller, but may have a higher risk of leaking air.

Most Durable Water Basketball Goal- Lifetime 1301 Pool Side Basketball System

This solid basketball system can withstand weather and heavy use. The steel post adjusts from 4 to 6.5 feet tall for older kids and adults. The similar Lifetime 1306 Poolside Hoop telescopes to a taller 7 feet. Some prefer it for its transparent backboard. You will need taller versions to make this an above ground pool basketball goal. The jumbo polyethylene backboard won’t crack or shatter. Fill up the 28-gallon plastic base to keep this pool basketball hoop from budging.

pool basketball hoop poolside goal floating inflatable lifetime dunnrite amazon walmart targetThis set only comes with hoop, base, and instructions, so a ball is not included. Fear not, even full size basketballs fit through the NBA-regulation rim. It is easy to find a waterproof plastic basketball if you don’t already have one. The metal assembly claims to be rust-resistant, but a no rust pool toy is rare. Sanding and Rust-oleum will keep the basketball hoop in top shape.

Best Plastic Base Goal- Dunnrite PoolSport Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

The PoolSport Basketball Hoop from Dunnrite provides a great plastic base option. Be sure to stick with the stainless steel rim model, or else rust can get everywhere. This long hollow plastic base fills with water to make a steady anchor. Smaller water basketball hoops like the short CoolJam Pro Swimline don’t have an anchor base at all!

The design of this hoop does not adjust in height. The shorter height is ideal for younger kids. Even with small kids, it is still unsafe to dunk and hang from the rim, even when sand fills the base. Also the 14 inch rim will fit a full-size basketball, but not very easily. This set does not come with a ball, but small pool balls or four square balls work with this rim.

Pool Basketball Hoop Accessories on Amazon

As mentioned above, you may start by purchasing some Rust-Oleum spray paint to prevent your new pool basketball goal from rusting all over the place. Also, there are many waterproof basketballs available on Amazon (as well as football, volleyballs, Frisbees). You can buy a full size 29 inch diameter ball, but that may not fit through the smaller rims as well. Junior all-stars prefer junior sized balls, such as the Dunnrite Youth Swimming Pool Basketball (25 inch diameter). Also, four square balls or other little rubber balls fill in nicely if you lose or puncture your pool basketball.
We hope that you have learned from our pool basketball hoop reviews! This great toy encourages activity and play for a large range of kids and families. Please keep an eye out for too much horse play, and make sure that an adult is supervising younger swimmers. For more fun-in-the-sun activities, check out our list of fun beach games for kids. Also, see how to start a new hobby with our Beginner’s Fishing Guide. Have a great summer!

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