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Funny pool floats for adults

Accessories / December 24, 2020

The outdoor season is on! Everybody strives outdoors to spend time there: reading, having meals, talking and maybe swimming and sunbathing. If you want to swim with comfort or planning a cool party, you definitely need some pool floats that will add fun to your swimming pool and will make it more inviting. There are very cool pool floats to add cheer, and I’m going to share them all with you!

Foodie And Drink Floats

Foodie and drink floats are the most popular idea because they bring much fun and everybody loves them! As for food, the coolest things are fruit slices, ice cream, bagels, donuts and pizza, of course! A fun idea is to put different floats into your pool: if you like fruit, add pineapples, oranges and watermelon slices, if you prefer pizza, put pizza slices for everybody. If we speak about drinks, these are beer mugs, what can be better for a party?


Animals are also a cute thing for floats! Just imagine yourself sitting on an oversized swan or unicorn – isn’t that cool? You can also opt for a romantic pink flamingo or find a badass printed swan for fun – everything depends on the effect you want and the party you have. Consider an idea of having several of them for your pool bridal shower or just a party for your gals – so cool!