Intex 12ft x 30 Easy Set Round Swimming Pool with Pump Filter

Intex swimming pool filter pump

Accessories / March 24, 2021

Intex 56674The Intex 56674 leverages the power of sand filtration in a low maintenance, high performance above-ground pool filter pump unit. With a maximum rated flow of 1, 600 gallons per hour, this 220-V pump unit can handle pools between 2, 800 and 12, 000 gallons in capacity with ease. A 6-position multi-port valve makes it a snap to switch between different modes, while a pressure valve helps users monitor water pressure to prevent backwashing. Intex recommends either 55 lbs of no.20 silica sand or 40 lbs of glass sand for the Intex 1600 GPH pump, which lasts up to five years between changes.

How to Buy

As one of the world's largest marketplaces, eBay offers a wide range of swimming pool pumps to suit the needs of any pool owner. Just visit the site and type in your needs into the search box that you can find one on every page. For instance, try searching for "Intex pool pump" or " Intex pool filter pump." An Intex pool pump keeps clean water circulating in any above-ground pool. Sand filter pumps last longer but often draw more power than units with cartridge filters. Either kind of pump can work, so long as you make sure the unit moves enough water to match the size of your pool.