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Accessories / November 30, 2019

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Less than $2/day if you used it every day until we closed!
Not a bad deal.

Purchase at the pool or at CRPR's office which is open 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.


Welch Pool Complex
The renewed facilities opened Leisure Pool: 140, 000 gal.

Park Forest Pool Complex
The renewed facilties openedTot Pool: 5, 500 gal.

During 2014, the two sites hosted 95, 018 visits during the 101-day summer swim season.

During 2015, the two sites hosted 101, 098 visits during the 108-day summer swim season.

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• 2017 Pool Fees

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• Link to the Welch Pool Swim Team Blog
While the summer swim team programs are operated by CRPR, the Welch Pool Swim Team Blog is managed solely by swim team parents and swim team members. The link to the Park Forest Swim Team Blog will be posted when available.