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Swimming pool slides for kids

Accessories / May 16, 2018

Why don’t we have a senior rate?

We offer discounts based on need, not age. Would you like to see if you qualify for a need based discount? Also, our happy hour is M-F from 10-11am. Admission is ½ off during happy hour.

Why do we charge non-swimmers?

2 reasons: #1. There is no way for the lifeguards to know who has paid to swim and who hasn’t once they enter the pool deck. Our wristband system is used exclusively to identify patron’s swim ability. #2 People swimming and not swimming are still putting the same toll on our facility. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Is the pool members only? What are my payment options?

The Truckee Community Pool is open to the public. You have several payment options, including a single drop in, monthly, quarterly, annual or 11-pack for the price of 10. Please refer to the pool homepage for more information.


Why do you get kids out of the pool every hour for “adult swim”?

To allow kids the opportunity to go to the bathroom & give staff the opportunity to conduct swim tests.

When do we turn the slide on/why is the slide off?

The slide should be open & lights over rec pool on whenever the rec pool is open to the public. Please inquire with a lifeguard if you want the slide on and it isn’t.

What is the pool temperature & why is it kept there?

Lap pool is kept at 81 & rec pool is kept at 89. These temperatures are recommended by USA Swimming as the ideal medium temperature for our pool activities.

When can adults swim in the rec pool without children?!

Adult only swim is Mon, Wed & Fri from 9-10am.


Tell me about your swim test.

All patrons under the age of 15 will be issued a red wristband upon entry to our facility. Anyone wearing a RED wristband is required to wear a lifejacket at all times. Patrons will have the opportunity to change their wristband to GREEN after passing the swim test. Swim tests will be offered on the top of the hour and consist of a 25 yard freestyle or breaststroke swim and 1 minute of treading water.

Do you allow tubes?

No flotation, with the exception of Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed in our facility.

Why are the lights off?

Some people & some staff prefer to not have the overhead lights on. We would be happy to turn them on, if you wish. The lights off does not mean that our facility is closed!

Where can we play with the pool mats?

In the lap pool. We do not allow them in the rec pool.

Why do you close the pool in the afternoon?

To allow us a time to clean pool, to give employees a break & to open the pool to our club swim team.

Source: www.tdrpd.org