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Tips On How to Maintain Your Pool

Accessories / May 25, 2018

Photo by Pixabay.com

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is the best solution for the hot summer days, however maintaining the swimming pool all year is a whole other thing. We asked specialists from AFS General Contracting Orlando, Florida to share some tips on how to maintain your pool properly:

Skim the Leaves and Debris off

Using a long handled skimmer, clean the surface of the pool of any floating leaves and debris. It will only take a couple of minutes but it is easier to clean them before they drown to the bottom of the pool.


Either automatically or manually, you should always vacuum your swimming pool. Vacuuming the pool helps you get rid of any sand, debris or any other contaminants stuck at the bottom of your pool. There are different instructions for manual and automatic vacuuming but the one thing you should never forget is to add water to the pool before you vacuum it, because the water level always decreases.

Add Chemicals

You might face some problems with the water in your pool that require chemical solutions. Products like chlorine or algaecide should become an important part of your maintenance routine. You will find appropriate instruction and dosages written on their labels.

Covering the Pool

In winter, you need to consider closing your pool, which is also known as winterizing. Winterizing the pool protects it from damages caused by frozen water. It will also save you a lot of work maintaining and cleaning the pool.

Check the Filters

Make sure to always check the and clean the filters. They are very important part of equipment in the pool and it is crucial that they stay clean. There are three types of filters - sand, cartridge or DE. You should check which type your filter is and follow its instructions accordingly.

Water Circulation

Your pool has a circulation system consisting of the skimmer, the pump, the pump strainer, the drains, and the filter. You should check each and every one and make sure they are clean and working to ensure that the water gets filtered properly.


To get rid of algae and bacteria that might turn your pool water green, you can shock your pool. Shocking the pool is recommended to keep the water safe and clean by raising the chlorine levels drastically high in a short time. It is done by using five times the amount of chlorine that is usually added to the pool water.