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Above ground pool liners canada

Accessories / April 16, 2018


Above Ground Pool Liners

Installing your own Above Ground Pool Liner is easy, you can do it yourself and save big! To determine what liner is best for you, you will need to know some basic information about your pool. Here is some questions you need to answer before you can choose the right liner for your Above Ground Pool:Our Above Ground Liners are manufactured in Canada and the United States, this means our vinyl is superior in quality and workmanship. Our liners only use 100% virgin vinyl material.

Installing your own above ground liner is easy - to get started, uou will need to know:

  • - The size of the pool (Diameter and Perimeter)
  • - The wall height of the pool
  • - The liner connection style
  • - The condition of your current coping (If you have had your coping for 10+ years there is a good chance you may require new coping at the time of install - search coping on our website for more pricing on these items)

Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liners

Our Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liner manufacturers have over 40 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Each Liner combines unique design and the latest manufacturing processes. Liners are made with 100% Virgin Vinyl infused with algae inhibitors and U.V. Protectors. They print the vinyl using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market today. The Liners have quality built in, top to bottom and inside and out. Our Inground / Semi Inground Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are designed to fit your Pool: it’s that simple! We work with our manufacturers to develop your liner so that the manufacturer can tailor fit to your new or existing Inground or Semi Inground (Onground) Pool. Each Pool Liner ordered from our site goes through a thorough design process to ensure a perfect fit.

Inground / Semi Inground Liner Features:

  • - Custom Designed and Manufactured
  • - 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • - Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect the liners for a long life
  • - Manufactured with UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage.
  • - Cold Crack Temperature Protection to -40°F
  • - Made in Canada!