Diy Above Ground Pool Slide. Plans In How To Build Above Ground

Diy above ground pool slide

Accessories / March 31, 2017

How to Build a Swimming Pool SlideSwimming pools on their own are a lot of fun, but when you throw accessories such as pool toys into the mix, the amusement factor increases even more. For the ultimate swimming pool accessory, install a pool slide. Because swimming pool slides are large and typically consist of materials that require the use of industrial manufacturing equipment, it can be complicated to build a custom slide completely from scratch. However, there are some options for building one.

Project Scope and Considerations

Dedicated DIY enthusiasts may want to try to build their own slide, but taking on this sort of project without any engineering knowledge or manufacturing expertise can be tricky. Swimming pool slides require proper attention to structural integrity and safety, in addition to functionality. The best compromise between safety and self-sufficiency in this case is to do an independent installation of a prefabricated pool slide. Some manufacturers offer prefabricated slide sections that allow homeowners to design their own ideal configuration.

In-ground vs. Above-ground Pool Slides

There is a variety of pool slides on the market, and consumers need to know the right type to buy for their particular swimming pool. Above-ground pool slides are typically smaller and less complex, while in-ground pool slides often require intricate construction that includes concrete anchors and other permanent fixtures.


Prepare the slide installation space, ensuring that the ground is flat and even and that there is adequate space for the full length of the slide and ground supports. Determine whether the slide entry point is going to meet with the edge of the pool at an angle or in a straight-on orientation, which may depend on the pool's construction and whether the edges are curved or straight. Measure the area to ensure that the slide fits in the proposed space. For large slides that require in-ground support, make sure no utility lines run underneath the desired slide installation space.

Double-check the Installation Design

Before building the concrete posts that support the slide, double-check the installation design. There must be adequate clearance from the slide to the pool itself. To ensure a safe entry into the water from the slide, the slide should overhang the water in the pool by at least 3 feet, and there should be no more than 20 inches between the bottom of the slide and the surface of the water. Ground any electrical wires that plug into the slide, such as wiring for a water slide flume pump.

Prepare the Slide

Some prefabricated slides require assembly before installation. This could mean bolting together slide sections, or assembling and attaching ladder parts. For configurable prefabricated slides, the user needs to consider how the finished slide should fit together and whether it should have twists or humps. Make sure to follow the slide assembly instructions exactly, taking care not to over-tighten the bolts.

Install the Slide

Long, heavy prefabricated slides intended for in-ground pool use typically require concrete support anchors in order to ensure proper installation and safe operation. Prefabricated slides generally come with support posts designed for installation at specific intervals.

Following the manufacturer's instructions, dig pier holes for these supports. After excavating the pier holes, pour concrete to set the supports and, using a team of helpers, install the slide. The digging and installation process requires precise measurement and careful consideration, so measure and review the slide plans before digging. Do not use the slide until the concrete is set and dry.

How to Buy Materials to Build a Swimming Pool Slide on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a variety of pool products and accessories, including different sizes of swimming pool slides. Shoppers can find the type of pool slide they are looking for by performing a keyword search using the search bar located on any site page. For example, those who want a water slide with a flume can search for "flume pool slide, " while those who want a simple inflatable slide can use keywords including the word "inflatable."