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Pool floats with shade cover

Accessories / December 30, 2019

Learn About Pool Floats, Inner Tubes & Rafts For The Water

From your backyard pool to a backcountry watering hole, an inflatable raft or river tube ups your fun factor in the water.

Learn all about the different types of floatation devices available at DICK'S Sporting Goods:

  • Inner tubes are an essential boating accessory for your next trip to the lake, and many are made of rugged rubber material for extra durability. For ease of use, many come with handles, ropes or cords.
  • Pool Floats are the ultimate way to relax in your backyard pool. Select from lounge chairs, water hammocks, rafts, inflatable lounges and much more. You can even stash away drinks inside your own floating cooler.
  • Inflatable Rafts can hold multiple swimmers for short adventures on the water.

Pool floats are designed for fun—and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and constructions.

A classic donut inner tube is great for floating down a lazy river. Look for details like plastic handles, attached ropes, molded cup holders and built-in mesh seats for added comfort during the ride. For convenience, choose a float or tube designed with a backrest.

Always keep in mind materials when selecting your inflatable pool device. The covering material of your towable impacts its ride and durability. Nylon is commonly used in the construction of pool floats. This material comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses, referred to as the device’s “denier.” The larger the denier, the stronger the nylon. Polyester and PVC are often used, as this material provides both durability and resistance from the sun’s rays.