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Accessories / May 23, 2021

Here at Hodgson’s we have everything you need to keep your pool in tip top shape for a summer of fun! We have a wide selection of pool and spa chemicals, toys and lounges, pool care accessories, pool and filter parts, vacuums and more. Stop in and check out our selection and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

In Store Pool Equipment Repair

Proper operation of your pool equipment is a must to maintain a clean and efficient pool at all times. Let the pool care professionals at Hodgson's Pools inspect your equipment for proper operation. Contact us today to speak with a helpful staff member. We make all repairs in house to optimize time and cost effectiveness.

We repair:

  • Pool pumps
  • Pool motors
  • Pool cleaners- above ground & in-ground
  • Cleaning of diatomaceous fingers
  • Cleaning of cartridges of all sizes

Just bring in your equipment, and let our skilled pool equipment repair technicians get you back in your pool in no time!

If for any reason your pool equipment cannot be repaired, Hodgson Pools has a full range of replacement pool filters, pumps, heaters, cleaners, controllers, lighting and much more!

Pool Filter Parts

  • Hayward
  • Muskin
  • Jacuzzi
  • Starite
  • Pentair
  • Pool Accessory Parts
  • Aqua Leader
  • Cantar
  • SeaSpray
  • Swim-n-Play

Pool Care Supplies

Hodgson Pools carries all the chemicals to ensure your pool or spa stays clean and usable during season and during winter closing.

Pool Care Supplies

In need of chemicals?? We carry an assortment of quality chemicals for your pool or spa. We carry SUSTAIN, ORTEX, EZ-Chlor, Revacil, Spa essentials and much more.

Pool or Spa water testing??? Yes we do that also. We have a team of fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff that can get that difficult pool water back to sparkling clear in no time!

We carry and assortment of toys and lounges for you and your family to relax and enjoy the summer!

Your pool filter or automatic vacuum in need of repair? We offer in store repair services available for your pool filters, pumps, motors and automatic vacuums! Bring in your filter system or vacuum and let us do the repair work for you.

Pool Accessories

ng for the perfect pool accessory? Come browse the large selection of items available at Hodgon Pools! We have everything you need to get keep your pool clean so you can enjoy your summer. We have, skimmers, brushes, vacuum hose, floaters, thermometers, backwash hose, lights, fountains, pool toys, lounges and much more!