non inflatable swimming pool
August 3, 2017

non inflatable swimming pool

To repair your inflatable swimming pool , all you need are a few tools and the repair kit that came with your particular model. Repairing Nylon and Vinyl Inflatable Pools Your pool repair kit should include enough vinyl or nylon for you to cut a patch large enough to completely cover the tear or puncture. Make it circular in shape—since patches usually peel from…

Pool caps for above ground pool
July 10, 2017

Pool caps for above ground pool is your one-stop-shop for specialty pool parts that you cannot find elsewhere. In addition to carrying big brands like Hayward, Pentair, Waterway and Zodiac, we also carry thousands of pool parts and repair supplies from hundreds of reputable pool supply and equipment manufacturers. There are thousands of pool products on our site organized into…

Swimming pool Furniture ideas
June 4, 2017

Swimming pool Furniture ideas

Dive into an amazing selection of pool and outdoor furniture from Hayneedle. From beach chairs and umbrellas to cabanas and chaise lounges, shop these essential summer supplies for a guaranteed good time. Shop Beach Chairs, Beach Carts, and Beach Gear When your family’s ready to hit the shore, make sure you pack their favorite gear in a great beach bag. Hayneedle…

Pool filter pumps above ground
June 22, 2017

Pool filter pumps above ground

How to Choose an Aboveground Pool Filter The biggest mistake people make with aboveground pool filters is not which type to buy, or which brand – it is buying a filter that is too small for your pool. Filter flow rate charts can be misleading, and the filter that comes with a pool is often woefully undersized. The best above-ground pool filter is one that matches…